As I figured, Friday was a great day.  Not only did I get to accomplish some school work, but the evening of softball & fellowship was truly a blessing.  Although we had our rears handed to us on the softball field (20-3) it was still a good night.  It really gives us something to work on for the next game.  BUT, I did something to my left (not my throwing) shoulder and it is killin’ me.  I can barely raise my arm b/c of the pain.  I’m trying not to whine, but it hurts.  My wife will only tell me to suck it up and get over it.  We had great fan support from all kinds of people and many teenagers as they wanted to spend some time with Jay & Sarah.  I was very proud of them for being there and hangin’ out with us all.

Today in my life is a little school work, some school work, and then some more school work.  After that I plan on livin’ it up with the family for a while before they head to bed and I do some more school work.  I’m leaving for Springfield, MO after the morning service tomorrow.  Russell is heading up there with me, so pray for us both. 

Jay is teaching Sunday School in the morning, so pray for him also.  It should be a great service as everyone gets to meet them.  Teens can read John chapters 7 & 8 before hand to see where the lesson is from.  We’re still studying and learning about Jesus as written about by John.  We need to take every opportunity to get to know Him more.  Key verses are John 8:31, 32.  I prayed for each one of you (teenagers & counselors) this morning.

With the power vested in me I hereby declare that the Power, Might, & Strength of EL GATO de BLANCO be with you everywhere you go, with everyone you know, as you see the wind blow.  Mad props go out to our teens including, Chip-Chop-ManBeast and Face Fingers.


VERSE of the DAY: John 8:58  “Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am.”

My song is still for my absolutely awesome bride, Kym.


  1. Dear FaT lArD,
    School work that stinks, more school work that just sucks. I love u always and forever, just like Kip loves Shavanda. Mike i put a poem on my site just for u but just in case u dont read that one is another one (not the same as one on site).
    O DAINTY Pansy! hooded all in blue,
    With chastely folding cloak of green,
    A maid whom Eros never knew,
    Nor Love has Seen!
    I yet must fancy, scarce dreamt by thee
    That ‘neath thy most discreetest thought
    There lurks a will which may be taught
           By Love – and me!


  2. I just want you to know that I love you very much!  You are the most AWESOME man in the world.  (Sorry guys, but he is!)  You can try to measure up, but it won’t happen.  Thank you for all you do for me, our children, the teens, and our church.  I can’t imagine life without you.  I will miss you starting tomorrow.  (Actually, I have missed you for weeks now.  Can’t wait till classes are over with for this semester!)  I will pray for you everyday and think about you just as often.


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