I’m only going to say that VBS had a great 1st Night, and I thought it went very well.

I don’t care about comments, b/c I know old people aren’t cool enough to get many, but I want my last post to prompt you to think.  Is it something God can get you to think about, or just another passing thought?  I mean, does the Scripture (the very words of God) still have some power to affect your way of llife?

Harper Out & EL GATO has my heart!!


  1. What’s up, old man?  You’re such a crap-head for bailing out on us last night!  Aren’t you too young to be heading home at such an early hour?  Good times were had by all, and you missed quite an entertaining show at Sonic!  Let’s just say, I don’t think B-rad and J-red are ever allowed back on the premises!  Have a great, old, age-ed day!  LOL!  Me!  (PS  I can never thank yall enough for your help this past week!  It really meant the world to me, in more ways than I can say!  Love Yall!)


  2. I thought I would leave a comment, since you’re feeling the pains of being “old people aren’t cool enough to get many…” I feel your pain! Thanks for helping me out yesterday! I appreciate it so much. Love in Christ, Melinda


  3. I’m gonna comment on my own post.  Can you see who is putting comments on my Danga Xanga?  OLDies….nuthin’ but OLDies.  Just got to learn to accept it and move on.  “I’m not as good as I used to be, but I was as good once as I ever was”


  4. lol your such a weirdo bro. mike! hardly anyone every comments on my xanga as well, its usually the same 2 or 3 people, but thats ok! any comment is made to make me feel special! i love you guys!


  5. Hey. Well, I guess you aren’t THAT old or uncool, I’m leaving you comments so that’s gotta count for something! LoL. That’s cool you used to be a youth minister here. Heck yes GO GOOHERS!!! LoL. Hope you’re doing amazing! God bless always & forever!!!


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