It is 1:08am on Sunday morning and I’m really needing to get in bed.  BUT, a quick post just seems right.  It’s been too long, and I don’t want to turn into one of those people who never post (ManBeast & Kym).

Kylee had fever yesterday and more this morning so Kym had to take her to the doctor.  She is a little bummed b/c she doesn’t get to participate and sing in the VBS service today.  So are Mom and Dad, b/c she really did a good job on the front row the other night practicing.  BUT, we cannot get others sick so she won’t get to be at church.  Anyway, we’re praying she gets better quickly.  Kym plans on taking the kids swimming twice this next week. 

Hope everyone is geeked about the Summer Electives coming up.  They begin tonight at 6pm, and I believe they’re all going to be awesome!!  AND, the Middle Schoolers will be heading off to camp on Monday morning at 7:30am.  PRAY for them all week!!!!

AND, was Vacation Bible School awesomely phenomenal or what?  Definintely.  All you guys who helped are amazingly incredible!  Your help made it all that it could be.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

VERSE of the DAY: Matthew 20:26-28 “…but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister; 27 And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant: 28 Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.


Sunday is a day of worship.  Spend it with your family and your Berean Family.  Then, take a nice ride either in EL GATO or in memory of EL GATO!



  1. Wow! I’m still up…… VBS was awsome…………and I cant wait till our camp………..I’m kickin Valerie out the house all week!!……………You have been a fabulous inflousence (sp) in my life……….thanks
    Love ya, Jenni


  2. OMG…i love this song!!!!  member we listened to this and many other old songs ALL spring break!!!  lol!!!  thanks for wanting to fill out the thing on my xanga…but ur rep is more important then ME????!!!!!?????  how rude…jk jk!!!  lol!!  well, camp is in less than a week!!!!  WOOHOO!!!!  i’m SOOOOOO excited!!  c ya in 3 hours….
    ❤ brianna


  3. Hey!  I feel like I hardly saw you today, but I guess that’s a glimpse of things to come!  I missed you, but w/e!  I wanted to tell you that you’ve been a fabulous inflousence in my life, too!  I’m not really sure what that is, but if Jenni has been inflousenced, then I’m sure I have too!  Have a great week!  Love, Me!


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