One thing I forgot to mention is the one bummer to the week of camp.  The bummer is that we have no photo or video record of the Hubbard Supergirl Dive.  Only after knowing she was okay, that instantly became one of the funniest things I have seen in my entire life!!  We love ya, Hub.


  1. hey bro. mike! ya meagan’s superhero flying dive thing was hilarious! im pretty sure she should do that one more time so we can record it! lol! thanks for all that you do for us at camp! i really appreciate it! im gonna miss ya leadin our youth group! thanks for being such a strong christian!


  2. hey bro mike! it was awesome to hang you with u this week at camp! i had heard such kool things about you and u totally lived up to them! thanx for everything even tho i havent known u long it seems like it! u and ur wife are totally amazing and i can see the difference u have made in the hearts of my friends! they light up whenever they see u or talk about u! ill be visiting often, LISHA


  3. yo brotha…ya well…i cant say it was my best moment….but im glad it gave u all a laugh…jsut doin my job…but fo real…camp was amazing….and it never ceases to show me god in a way ive never seen him before….and i wanna thank you so much for being here for me the past 4 years…u were one of the major reasons for me being in church and wanting to stay in it…its going to be very tough for me to lose u n mrs. kym but as long as i know yall are still around i guess ill be ok….well i g2g…thanks for everything…g2g ttyl


  4. Mayne, I loved camp!!! You have been amazing all these years. I’m super glad we are not losing you losing you, if you know what I mean. I Love You.
    P.s.- I hope I spelled everything right.


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