Hooray for the best Berean all-nighter ever.  Jay & Sarah got it krunk with planning it all and keeping us all going and going.  I couldn’t believe it was time to go to breakfast when they said it was.  Double Dip, Bowling, V-ball, Dodgeball, Snacks, CatchPhrase, N.D., PS2 Jeopardy, and some Chick-fil-A……What could be better than that?  It was just an absolutely wonderful time with everyone.  Even though Mrs. Sarah beat me like a red-headed stepchild, I loved me some Jeopardy. 

The best part of it all— playing v-ball and hangin’ with everyone.

The worst part of it all— Kym wasn’t with me and Lisha felt horrible (hope you get better soon, chica). 

I think a nice ride in LA CERA can go a long way to help heal any kind of hurt or illness.  Hope you can make it to V-ball Extreme tomorrow at 1pm @ Town East court.  L.Stanley said we all better bring our “A” game or don’t come at all.  We’re talking surious v-ball.  If you got it, Bring it!  If not, maybe you should go sit under a shade tree and watch.  Just kidding.  Everyone is welcome.  By the way, I went with my Haltom High School colors of black and orange today.  They are the Haltom Buffalos.

VERSE of the DAY: Psalm 31:23-24 “O love the LORD, all ye his saints: for the LORD preserveth the faithful, and plentifully rewardeth the proud doer. 24 Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the LORD.”

Don’t let anything bother you that might make you worry and worry.  The faithful EL GATO and LA CERA will both bring you happy days and splendid nights all of your lifelong days. 

HEY, you remember when Hub jumped off that chair and tried to land on the web of yarn?  That was a good one.



  1. I remember.  That was a good one!  I don’t think anyone will EVER forget that! 
    You did not mention a thing about playing Hide n Seek or Dance Dance Revolution.  Did you miss those?
    Thanks for missing me.  I am thrilled you noticed I wasn’t there.  I am thankful for the sleep I was getting during that time though.  I am not as young as I used to be, you know?  Not sure if I could have survived an all-nighter. 
    I love you.  There are so many things to talk about…………..wish you were here!


  2. haha o yes i remember! thanx for hoping i feel better… i do alittle! see u at vball dont think im playing… might have to take up that offer to sit under the shade tree


  3. what r u tryin to do to me? im totally not really a trash talker…in fact our lil secret, but i totally heard some one else say that so i just said it to u! nowe cause i talked trash my team absolutly has to win! OMG so much pressure!lol! i think lish nigh is getting better slowly but surly! i doubt she sits the whole time! well im out! i love my hero…and el gato and la cera!                                                                                                                                    – LauRen


  4. Thank you so much, brother, for the special delivery!  And a hug goes such a long way!  There are no words to descibe the heaviness my heart feels!  I don’t know if it ever gets better on days like these, but we shall see!  Maybe God lets it feel like this on purpose, so the reunion is all the more sweet!  I’m spending the evening with my parents and my nieces, so my day will definitely end on a better note!  I hope you had fun at V-Ball!  Love You!  Me!


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