Doesn’t Air Conditioning feel amazing?  All I can say is that it was def hot out there today.  AND, still, over 20 peeps showed up to brave the elements for the cause of ExTreMe V-ball.  I’m not sure even these many hours later, if my feet will survive.  I’m thinking Parker’s court looks better and better after today.  I still think that the front yard of the church would be phenomenal.  After all, Mike Stanley has suriously done a great job getting it to look fantastic.  BUT, v-ball was kickin’ like a mug.  If you haven’t seen Hub’s skillz, don’t look.  HA HA.  Actually, it was a blast no matter who you were.  Some (L.N.) didn’t stay very long, and some (M.S.) didn’t come at all, but it was still 100% Phenomenal!!  This might be stretchin’ it a bit, but I do think that I could play some EXTreMe v-ball 3 or 4 times a week.  I just love the game and the divin’ all over the place trying to get to any and every ball– like L.Stanley.  Have a great time at the circus, Lish, and think about the golf idea.

Gosh, Chan Ho Park is an idiot.  When he pitches for the Rangers, it brings tears to my eyes.  He’s so terrible.  BUT, GO RANGERS!!

I gotsta finish the church bulletin and get in bed, so I’m out.  AND, I want Parker & L.Stanley on my team every single time. 

VERSE of the DAY: Jeremiah 32:26-27 “Then came the word of the LORD unto Jeremiah, saying, 27 Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?”………..What an encouragement for my spirit.  God can handle anything, and nothing is out of his reach or his power.  No matter how “hard” of a situation you might be going through, God says it’s not too “hard” for him.  SO, if I can leave it all up to him, than I’m way better off.  Not only can God handle all the things we deem “hard”, but he wants to do the handling.  BUT, we also want to sometimes, and we will always make a mess by ourselves.  Remember, nothing is too “hard” for him, so let him take the lead, and we will just do the following.

My big truck smiles every time he sees EL GATO & LA CERA pass by.  Just the other morning the little blue LA CERA passed by on the way to VBS and the truck nearly stalled from the excitement.  You really ought to experience it. 


  1. sry i couldnt stay long… wish i could of enjoyed the pizza with u! and the golf thing…. hmm i dk i would make a fool of myself.. havent played in like 3 mon! so i pretty much stink now! LA CERA is glad to here she makes the pretty truck smile! it does the same for her! LISHA


  2. BrOtHeR MiKe. hey thanks for the comment bet you found my “danga xanga” from lisha’s or what not. ha well yes the goodness?? of LA CERA and EL GATO shall rain down upon from now sure. thanks for coming to have lunch with me and the driver of LA CERA. well have to keep up with the EXTREME vball. pretty fun i must say. although the heat doesnt help. =/ ok well later   CATHERINE….with a C. =)


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