Really?  Yes, every single day is like that when you’re thrilled to be alive and happy to see family and friends.  Mike likes how Monday turned out.

8am  –  Staff Meeting at Chick-fil-A……….great food, planning, and fellowship.  Can’t beat it.  It’s an every Monday deal.

10:30am  –  Special invite to lunch at Bock, Bock from one of the greatest girls who just graduated PO-Teet.  Lunch was great.  Mike had the greatest tall, cold glass of H2O.  It was so amazingly refreshing Mike just couldn’t stop drinkin’ and guzzled it down (all 16.9 ounces) in one big drink.  Ahhh!

Noon-5pm  –  Productive afternoon with office work.  AND a last minute game of darts in which Mike was blessed with a victory over the Jayster.

5:30-8pm  –  Hard, sweaty yard work on my half-acre.  Beautiful weather for it and it looks Phenomenal!!  Also, Mike finally connected on his attempt to hit the brown chow that is always running around our neighborhood and my yard in particular.  Mike has called the Mesquite pound numerous times, but they haven’t caught him/her yet.  So, he constantly throws rocks or whatever he can find at the dog to scare him away from my yard.  Suriously, it could def hurt one of Mike’s kids.  TONIGHT was the night.  Mike saw the dog….stopped the mower….ran towards the dog…..saw 2 pieces of a broken brick…..and nailed that mut with the 2nd throw.  The dog let out a very nice yelp and continued running from Mike’s yard.  Needless to say, Mike was very pleased.  Maybe the chow will think twice before entering Mike’s yard again.

8:30-10pm  –  Met the family and the Wades at Sonic for a nightcap.  The fam spent all day at the pool and needed some refreshments.  Low and behold, M.Stanley, Zach, and the Lish stopped by and Mike was kind enough to buy them all drinks.  Mike likes to buy drinks for peeps.

10:30-NOW  –  Some straightening up in the hizzouse, cooking some chicken on the grill, visiting XangaLand, and studying a bit.  Of course, catching a little ESPN Sportscenter.  Mike likes him some Sportscenter!!

TOMORROW  –  Work at 8am and leave for Ranger game at 4pm.  L.Stanley is now not going.  Mike thinks the Lish is gonna take her ticket.  Anyway, Mike should enjoy all that just fine.

VERSE of the DAY: (as picked by Steven Mason) Romans 15:5 “Now the God of patience and consolation grant you to be likeminded one toward another according to Christ Jesus:”  Great thought from the Word, Steven.

Sometimes Mike wonders what else he can say about EL GATO & LA CERA that hasn’t been said already.  WELL how ’bout the fact that both of those vehiculars and their drivers never cease to amaze him.  Only one day will Mike really expereince the True Greatness—-when he gets behind the wheels of both.  Until then, Mike is continually awestruck anytime he gets near them.  Mike can feel all the Phenomenal Terrificness of them as he types.  Wow, that’s kinda scary.


All the 3rd person speak is in remembrance and in honor of the Amazing L.Stanley.



  1. Lisha thought it was funny how mike talked in third person the whole tiem…. it made lisha wonder if mike was really the one posting! lishas glad mike had a great day and that lisha got to see him at sonic! and thanx for the drink!! and the drivers of el gato and la cera will have to get together and discuss the driving of the 2 magnificant beasts! lisha was glad to see mike cuz it seemed like it had been forever!
    the lucky driver of la cera, LISHA


  2. O.K.!  You’re totally freakin’ me, and all the while, confirming what I’ve known about you all along!  YOU HAVE LITTLE TINY MEN RUNNING AROUND IN YOUR LITTLE (big) HEAD THAT ARE SPEAKING BIZARRE AND WEIRD THINGS TO YOUR PSYCHE!!!  TELL THEM TO STOP!!!  Otherwise, we may have to put you away!  Crazy or not, you’re “phenominal” anyway!  Love, Me!


  3. What the heck is third person…..or would a better question be who IS the third person, wait a minute, who is the second person…..? Mike has totally messed with my mind…ahhhhhhhh…..jay is going nuts……….help quick!


  4. so lauren prolly stole speaking in third person from brianna….jerk…brianna has spoke in first person for awhile…until stupid head justin started makin fun of her for it…great post…jay’s comment was rediculous…..ttyl…brianna’s g2g.
    ❤ THE third person


  5. Thanks for the comments, playas….Matt’s EN FUEGO is a slammin’ name for his car.  I think it rocks. 
    “3rd Person” – is a way of writing when the writer refers to himself or herself by name rather than in the “1st Person” where they would just use personal pronouns such as “I”. 


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