Tuesday was def a good day with mucho productivity all around.  AND GO RANGERS!!!!  The game was amazing.  A 2-1 victory over the Yanks with Chan HO on the mound.  How we pulled off a win with him pitching will never cease to boggle the mind.  It was pretty cool to hang with the most awesome teens in the whole world of creation again.  Except for one of them (Lish) having to have multiple potty breaks, everything was Phenomenal!!  There was some pretty good food too including a funnel cake to top it all off.  As a matter of fact, the nachos were so good, this one chica decided to wear the cheese all over.  It was scary.

Today is ROCK day.  It’s awesome to see everyone at God’s House.  Be there or don’t.  But we would choose for you to be there.  Jay will have the Phenomenal message from The Book, and everyone else will have the fellowship.

Why isn’t Thursday a perfect day for some EXTreMe V-ball at like 1pm or so?  Is it b/c some people can’t handle the heat???  Then how bout 11am or so?  HUH, L.Stanley?  It’s been way too long, and I’m gettin really antsy.  I’m gonna have to go out in the field and just hit the ball all by myself if we don’t get it krunk pretty soon.

VERSE of the DAY: Exodus 20:3 & 5 “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”  5 “for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God”……………This is so true, but we usually aren’t clever enough or take the time to examine our own hearts and lives to see what we’ve put in place of God in our lives.  This is not just a verse speaking temporaly about just statues and stuff that other religions set up as idols and such.  It is also speaking symbolically about what things take over our hearts and keep us away from God.  Anything- job, vehicle, boyfriend or girlfriend, school, sports, even family can become a “god” to us and take us away from a strong, healthy relationship with God.  In essence, that thing becomes your “god”.  AND, you’ll do anything and everything to make sure it gets your priority in life.  So, God gets put on the shelf until you and I wise up and come back to Him.  KEEP GOD FIRST!!

EL GATO & LA CERA graced my sight with their presence on Tuesday.  I’m sure I walked a few inches taller because of it.  Have I ever, in all my updates, ever said that they are PhenoMenal?  Just wonderin.



  1. The posts that flow from the fingertips of Mike Harper never cease to blow me away! If there were a Xanga-a-thon you would def be in the running for Xanganator of the year! If I could learn anything from you I would hope to learn how to be an effictive communicator of the awesomeness of Xanga! I am praying for you man, thanks for always being a blessing to me!


  2. O dang ur song rocks my socks!!! no joke! well, volleyball thurs. im game! i know all about tryin to hit the ball by urself, not from experince or n ething(wink*wink*)! k so i did…it was the first time we tried to set ^ v-ball extreme, BACK in the good ol days! well lets jus say ……scratch that i dunno what to say, except that dont try it! OK! well i know i can count on u and u can count on me! I loVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!               -lauren


  3. i have to agree the game was great! glad i got to share that car ride and game with u, big jo, meg, marcus.. but the way home was pretty smelly (big jo)! thanx for providing me napkins all night and ice for when i got jalapeno (sp) juice in my eye! ouch! couldnt watch like a whole inning! thanx for walking around like the whole ballpark to get a funnel cake with me… they were worth it, right? well hope vball goes well.. i got to work so i wont be there… btu see u later! p.s. i must agree with lauren on the last part of her post! LISHA


  4. i will definitely try to teach her but only if you call me shannon and not mrs stewart 🙂  only mrs stewart when im teaching the little ones – i hear that enough silly!  she like to write marathon entries – ill get her!


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